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Iron crown wheel for mr-6, old mr-7, mr-10

Iron crown wheel for mr-5, mr-7, mr-8, mr-9

Plastic crown wheel for mr-6, mr-7 antiguo, mr-10

Plastic crown wheel motor mr-5, mr-7, mr-8, mr-9

Labeled with pin

Special coupling for spindles of electrical machines

Worm for electri meat grinder

Electric spindle molten iron for number 22

High entrance meat grinder 31 worm

Cast for electric spindle N 32 with high iron mouth

Big entrance 32 meat grinder worm

Cast iron electric spindle N 32 with wide mouth

Electric grinder spindle inox n 32

Electric grinder spindle number 32 stainless steel inox

Electric geinder spindle inox

Electric grinder spindle number 22 stainless steel inox

Nylon ring for n22-32 electric grinder

Look for your refill

Nut for nº32 electric mincer

Nut for nº22 electric mincer

Cabezal nº22

Cabezal nº32

Cabezal unger

Cabezal inox nº32

Cabezal inox nº22

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