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100w gas lamp

Gas stove

Gas stoves

225 mm overall diameter. 70mm diffuser center. diameter Color box

500w lamps

145mm diameter

100w lamps

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500w gas lamp mantles

500w gas lamp glass

Crystals diameter 110 x 115 for 500W lamps.

190gr. camping gas lamp glass

80X80 special glass for lamps 100W diameter and 190 gr cartridge. as our lamp Ref. 17750.

100 w. lamp glass

85X105 special glass for lamps 100W diameter as our lamp Ref. 17800.

500 w. gas lamp glass

100X115 special crystal diameter lamps 500 W. as our Re. 17801.

Led lantern

- Candil traditional tinned steel design weatherproof.   - Extremely light thanks to its to...

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