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Ref: 00855 - Package: 1

Heavy electric mill perfect for home use or small farms explotacines requiring crushing or grinding corn ytodo cerelaes type, stale bread, nuts, etc.

Equipped with double blade uo pra validates both portions as grinding for grinding grain, in addition, includes four sieves Elegua function of the texture desired grind and double alimentacilon system through upper hopper for introducing grain or through nozzle front for large portions.

Powerful engine with an approximate production capacity of 200kg / h.


- 1100W Power. (1.5 hp)

- Dimensions 480x305x350 mm.

- Voltage 230V. - 50 Hz.

- Net weight 19kg.





Video del molino triturador Ref. 00855 triturando aceitunas con hueso, para moler aceitunas con hueso se ha de utilizar el tamiz de agujeros mas grandes para facilitar la salida de la aceituna molida.


Video del molino triturador Ref. 00855 triturando manzanas con la cuchilla rebanadora Ref.00852. En este video se trituran las manzanas sin ningun tamiz para facilitar la salida y en vez de la cuchilla original se le ha colocado la cuchilla rebanadora Ref. 00852 y que se vende por separado.

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